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3 more Cool suggestions

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Customized background image

user can change background primedice image with desired one,so user may feel more funny and cool


Awards for unlocking achievements

for example:if you unlocked a achievement you will win a random award from the prize pool,system will work automatically.

prize pool must be diverse,so users may win steam gift code,online restaurant discount code(example dominos pizza)online gift card(amazon)

prize size will be depending on the importance of achievement.


System must not require 2fa for using Seunjie's dicebot or any other bot


a random code will be generated in site for users who wants to use dicebot,so using bots will be more easier.


Withdrawal fees

withdrawal fees must be adjustable by users,so when bitcoin network is bloated,user can select to pay higher fee to avoid long waiting times

depends on the size of the fee user will pay %60-80 of it and %40-20 will be paid by primedice.




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