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Weekly Reload for VIPs

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Hello Primedicers!


I just wanted to get your opinion regarding weekly reloads.


As far as I know, you can choose daily, hourly and per 10minutes reload. 


If you choose daily, you will only have 6 claims as you won't be able to claim the last one because you will run out of time already.


If you choose hourly, you can claim up to a maximum of 24 claims per day (if you don't sleep like me) 😅


If you choose per 10 minutes, you can claim up to 6 claims per hour.


Now the computation is like this (this is based from what I learned from KasinoBank) :

1 day reload = 10 hours of reload (10 claims of hourly)

1 hour reload = 40 minutes of reload (4 claims of 10 minute)


That is why I choose hourly reload as I can manage my time and I can claim 16 to 20 times per day. What about you?


Anyway, recently the reload became difficult to claim because of the new captcha. Every claim there is captcha unlike before where it only appears randomly.


Also, my VIP Host put a "small changes recently whereby if system detects any potential abuse and bot usage, it automatically limits claims to certain number". She said that I should only claim "during regular time"


Now, this limits the hourly claiming of less than 16 as claiming more than 16 will make you look like a bot 😅


What do you think?


I think , aside from the difficult captcha, Primedice should add a LIVE SELFIE VIDEO when claiming reload so that they are sure that we are physically there when we claim the reload 😅


Thank you for reading.

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