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Challenge abuse

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Hello @Nenad (or who ever does the challenges check those days),

I hope that you are aware that some person(s) are abusing the birthday challenge.

Like you can/will see there will be a lot of 'new' accounts created last week, only wagered a small amount of one coin (mostly ltc or trx) just to get the bet, made 10 forum posts and posted the bet on the forum and moved on to the next account. I hope that those '(ab)users' are getting to be removed from the challenge.

*Something extra:
It's not only this challenge, for as far I can see you are paying out these abusers out every single time, for a long period already and probably, the same person(s) are abusing the others things like monthly bonus etc too, all together that's a lot of money, money which could better be invested in other things.
Just 2 examples:

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