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ToTheMoon Wager Challenge

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Hi all,

I Play Dice since 2016. I Play on many Casinos, win big an losse big, but at the end i get greedy and rip my Balance. Now i decided to regist on Primedice and start an Wager Challenge.

The plan is to increase the Balance by Manual betting and Wager a lot with some Wager Strategys that i make.
I start with a deposit of 200 XRP and have some Rules to prevent to get greedy and rip the Balance.
It can rip on the 2X betting becouse i use the whole balance to get the XRP for run the Wager Strategy.
After this i deposit all except 10XRP to the Vault.


My Rules:

  1. Dont do more Profit than 20 XRP by Manual 2X betting.
  2. Start with 10 XRP an Wager Strategy.
  3. After bust the 10 XRP do 20 XRP by Manual 2x betting again.
  4. Start Wager Startegy with 10 XRP.
  5. After this Point i have 20 XRP profit for the day, i only will do 10 XRP for the Wager run every time.

Today ending with 220XRP in Vault and run 11 time Wager Strategy. Now The Wager is 77% in one day!!! And win a litte bit btc on the Race 😁



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Today it was like a roller coaster. First try to get 10XRP for starting wagering rip the balance. 
After the bust i deposit 50XRP and gamble it to 300XRP. From this 300XRP I withdraw 100XRP and start with the 200XRP. A little bit later bust again, deposit the 100XRP back and lost it. 

Now the only Balance I have was from the race and VIP bonus for reach Bronze. I startet with 0.0006 Btc and get it to 0.008. So I withdraw it and convert to XRP. 

I get 315XRP for it. I decided to deposit only 50XRP and start the wager strategy. So I have 5 backup Bankrolls to run the Wager. 

With the busts and recover I Wagered a lot today and get another price on the Race.

With this Bankroll I try some new Strategies for recover and I ended with a Bankroll of 0.003 Btc


Now I have reach the Bronze VIP and I’m 17% done for Silver VIP. 
Balance: 50XRP
Backup: 250XRP
Profit on Vault: 0.003BTC

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