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[$800] The Greatest Minds: William Shakespeare

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On 21/04/2021 at 23:15, GKD09 said:

Hey, were you by chance using the advanced tab feature? Because the same thing happened to me, but worse cause it was below 30x. No idea how it happened but going to report it for them to investigate. I remember it happening to me before too using the advanced bet, but I don't think they thought it was an issue from their end. 

image.thumb.png.01883a595ba40a4e0bde919535cc1f12.png image.thumb.png.92c225335ea5f4e4673c65dc0fc42832.png 
Weird how it also shows the same win chance as 3.300% 

Let me know please :) 

Yes sir I use advance tab. Is it still eligible sir?

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