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🔥 [ANN] Benchmark Protocol: Supply Elastic Collateral and Hedging Dev

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About Benchmark Protocol



Benchmark Protocol is a Supply Elastic Collateral and Hedging Device,

Driven by the Volatility Index. The protocol operates as a rules-based

utility that dynamically adjusts supply based on the CBOE volatility index

(VIX) and deviations from the target metric - equal to 1 Special Drawing

Rights (SDR)unit. Employing the SDR creates a larger use case rather

than exposure to just one currency; the application of this creates a larger

user base and delineated exposure to markets around the world.

The DeFi space needs a collateral utility that retains its efficacy and

increases inherent, baseline liquidity during periods of high volatility.

Benchmark Protocol is uncorrelated to crypto market price movements, making it an ideal hedge.



The MARK token is pegged to

the world's most stable currency

(the SDR). Supply rebalances

are smart and fast, derived

from the Volatility Index (VIX).



When S&P 500 Futures react to

implied volatility, collateralized

utilities undergo supply shock in

parallel to the CBOE Volatility

Index (VIX)



Spikes in the VIX increase token

supply in the Benchmark Protocol.

This correlation in activity reduces

the impact of liquidity events.

Global Impact


The MARK Token augments supply based on the Special Drawing Rights (SDR).

The SDR is a composite international reserve asset, comprised of the

U.S. Dollar, Euro, Great British Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen.

SDR Breakdown

zO5LOlm.gif   qjjgXBr.png

An Uncorrelated Asset



Collateral needs Liquidity

The Benchmark token (MARK) is a supply-elastic, collateral utility designed to

inject liquidity during periods of high volatility in correlation with global

equities markets.

Liquidity needs Collateral

When the MARK token reaches the yield phase, the network is capitalized and

utilized to assume quasi-steady state conditions. The implied value of the

MARK token is its yield-bearing value arising from its collateral utility.[/td]




Your Network Share:

Holders of MARK tokens always maintain their equity stake, or share of the

Network, in the Benchmark Protocol no matter what conditions strike the


The Enterprise:

Benchmark Protocol Network Exposure is always Non-Dilutive.

Network Security




The Benchmark Protocol Smart Contract has been

audited by "CertiK".



We incentivize researchers with bug

bounties to audit our software.



Our software is routinely

tested with the help of the

developer community.

Partners and Collaborators


qgvdZW2.png     DaVKbLF.png        xLCBL9m.png       yFJ0PtF.png

jxfKjTO.png         c9fHNlX.png        hqOjlwf.png




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