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Primedice ignored by Edd

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On 15/08/2020 at 21:23, fatslag said:

Fatslag is lipsync just so you know

Its such a shame to see but primedice is being left behind imo...Its was what started ed's motion with thoughts of stake, and i assume provided the funding too..his pd customers don't see much love or interaction anymore from him, maybe popping in once a week if we are lucky not saying anything just rains a few pennies and gone.., primeEdd really should change his name to stakeEdd since his cash cow is now stake not pd. I myself love pd. Its been here since the start and hands down is the the better community. When btc was 250 bucks ish i remember the amounts we used to spend there, the last few years prices have catapulted ed into the ether of wealth but he doesn't show any appreciation for his loyal long time customers and this is sad. Love live PRIME DICE but i have a feeling its not going to be there for the long term.. shout out to singpays densecrab and the whole pd fam who roam on the daily. respect.

Actually I am weak in english but I can read others topics but I can not understand about half of your sentences. I just understood the title lol.

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Stake came after Primedice but it is more popular now because Edd adding more and more games on that site. But we can only play dice here. I will  never ignore this site because it's my Love!

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