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Proof the legend is real

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3 hours ago, Han2x said:

Congrats @BettyBits mate. I hope you can have more of that in your stream. Kindly post here the link of your stream. I will be there to watch... Good luck. 

Just a reminder that a image of a withdrawals page does not necessarily mean that the amounts came from betting. It could be from other sources like affiliate earnings too.

Images are very easy to manipulate using photoshop and just for making such a image it is also possible to deposit these amounts and withdraw them without playing just to set up such a page.

I dont mean anything rude to the OP and I wish them good luck in their streams and that they win similar amounts there too but users should be cautious about believing everything they see on the internet because it is a wrong approach. :)


I would suggest you not to share such images in public because of your own accounts and other safety.

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Posted (edited)

BettyBits, are you running via dicebot scripts?

I watched your bets on Aug 18, you kept basebet as same and changed the multipliers a lot. Everything happened so fast and perfect.

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