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Fix this ASAP! @Edward @Steve

If it can work on Stake, it can here too!

And if it's not working properly for a short time, think about it to tell the players in advance!
Give us a notification or something, that it is not working right now.
Now there's a very important thing gone, when it comes to verify fairness and you don't tell anyone about it in advance.

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Hi @DeeBK,

We are aware of a current ongoing issue with our database, that is resulting with problems saving recent bets to the archived. We are working vigorously to try and recover those bets and restore the missing archives. Will keep you posted. Thanks for reporting.

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@Dan I don't need the whole bet archive, but if you can post my valid bets for this I would be happy enough already, what you can call happy after busting all ofcourse...

                     Group I: 2.60; 6.02; 60.20

                     Group II: 1.30; 13.01; 31.00

                     Group III: 2.03; 20.30; 30.03

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we are 2 months away already from the first time bet archive stopped working, can you please give us an update about the situation?
I already saw that some things did happen and that for some days there's a bet archive available again. But unfortunately it's not like I would love to see it again.
In the original bet archive was more essential information, like rolled number, multiplier (not just the amounts), to only name a few. I see now for every bet the ip-adress is in the log, that's something I think is not necessary information, there each player knows his/her own ip and the ip sessions can also be found under the settings section.
But please give us an update about this issue like which priority does it have (is it more important than fixing the Stake forum again?), when do you think it will be solved, will it  ever be solved, what are the plans with it, can't you for example go a step back from an update to solve it?

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