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New take on old 2012 fear

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I assume most people remember the 2021 Mayan Calendars ending being a big conspiratorial end of days prophetical fear. Only to have the time come and pass without any end of existence coming about. Sad for some. Relieving for most. Well...dont feel so relieved my friends. Conspiracies don't die that easily. 

It turns out the Gregorian calendar used by the majority of the world today is one that Europeans adopted using the calculations made by Dionysius Exiguus in AD 525. Where as before the world used the calculations by Annianus of Alexandria c. 400. Of course both these calculations were marked by the birth of the one of many saviors Jesus of Nazareth. The big difference between the two being his holiest of birthdays and its year being plus or minus eight years. 

Short story made clear...

Today is June 7th 2012.

Put your party hats on and roll faster my friends. Or bend to your knee and prey your soul makes it safely into the arms of any beside those of that very angry goat...man...Man-goat Satan.

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The world will always present end-of-the-world scenarios, at one time or another, and then again. Fear always seems to be the goal behind threats, the ego's purpose secret.
So as the dual world will always bring the smell of death, it is better to ally yourself with your higher self and live each day, letting things just happen as they have to happen.
Because the only control we can have is over our feelings and thoughts, and how we will feel.
Lucky everyone.

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