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my opinion on the updates. I hate updates! It is understood that everything needs to be updated through in terms of security. The problem, however, is because,  you update the API structure every few months. This causes a lot of bad mood and the necessary updates of various automatic gaming tools. I also don't like system "user updates", for example, it is no longer possible to see profit from other players whoever wants to show. I'm one of the oldest players on the site and I have to say that I don't like "user or visual updates" on the site for last year, situation is much worse than before the updates. 


It would be nice if we might be able to choose for ourselves under the settings what we want to see and how.

I suggest that API updates are announced at least a month in advance and have specific dates.


p.s. sorry for my not perfect English


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7 minutes ago, lay666 said:

May I add smth))

How to see my profit in statistics?

there are bets wins losses information

but where s profit info in my stat?

That was removed for privacy reasons as many users where already hiding their profit stats in the first place.

But you still can view a breakdown of your profit and wager stats, simply contact support from bottom right icon of the primedice.com page and tell them; They will send you the info.

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