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How many rolls need to "survive" to make bulletproof strategy

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I am trying a lot of strategies makes a billions of test rolls on dicebot..

But sometimes, i make some profit for a little in about million or two rolls, and then start to losing to the end, there is no way back.

Now i am asking you, how i will know that strategy works, how many rolls i must survive with not losing initial balance?

Off course we must made a limit in that game.
Every roll minimum bet is 1 satoshi (no 0 bet rolls), initial balance is 1 coin (10^8 satoshi).
I think 100 mio rolls is enough. If after 100 mio rolls we are on profit (not important how big profit it can be just 1 satoshi) system works.

What do you think?

ps; sorry for my not perfect english

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it depends on the strat...the system has been built to withstand any kind of strat you developed that is profitable on the long run. I think the AI is sophisticated and trust me their developer also try to observe which individual strat makes more profit on the long run. Cause even on a 10mio rolls, they could just load all ur bets with reds and push the greens on ur 0 bets.

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But seeds pair(server-client) can't change bets if we do not change seed. When we have seeds pair all bets are already defined. The future is set, but we all have in our hands what to pick.

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