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24-hour bitcoin volume competes with usdt

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Do you know if the volume of bitcoin for 24 hours competes with usdt, usdt itself has now reached $ 69,495,944,086 while bitcoin is $ 61,747,880,651.


looking at the data above, I will invite you to discuss, what are the reasons underlying bitcoin can lose 24-hour volume from usdt.

I think because the USD is stable, so it is often used to store assets and bitcoin is a kind of trader coin for profit.

give your opinion ?

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as you can see the graph of USDT is almost stable, because the price of USDT/ USD doesnt change, in the other side BTC price changed a lot in the last couple weeks ! if we want to compare BTC with another crypto currency then USDT is not the right currency to compare with.

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The US dollar is completely unstable but more stable than Bitcoin, as Bitcoin is highly volatile, and Bitcoin is open source; Its overall design, nobody owns or controls cryptocurrency and everyone can share. Bitcoin has risen significantly during a short period of time while the US dollar is widely recognized among all traders

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