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Is it good with no sports betting?

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I have gambled a Lot, but not so much in sports betting. I stick to poker, casino games, and of course dice. The situation er have now with Covid-19 har really decreased the sports to bet in, because almost all sports arrangements has been cancelled. I have a friend that used to bet a lot in sports net. He have already saved over $4000 in the last 2 month, because he has not been able to bet on sports. He told me that it made him realize how much he waste on sports betting, so maybe it's a good thing with no sports betting? Did any of you exsperience anything similar?

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I do not have the experience as your friends do because I will still make bets when the sport I like is held and I will only bet when I have balance and I can watch, if not I would prefer not to bet.

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