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Keep getting refreshed to My Bets tab while auto betting

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I have seen others complain about this in chat, but because I was not using auto bet I did not understand it.

Now that I am using the auto bet function, no matter whether I choose the others tabs; Bets, High Rollers or Race it will always refresh back to My Bets tab within a second.



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Hi there. :) 

The same is when you play manual since it return you to My Bets so you can see your last placed bet. 

I think it is intended for it to be that way, but still, I will forward it to developers to be sure. :) 

I will keep you posted.


UPDATE: It should be like this for manual betting, but not for auto. :) Developers will sort it out in the soonest time possible. 

Have a good one! 

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