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Buy a house from gambling profits

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Buy a house from primedice profit is very very difficult if u will try this defensively u will loose what u have. so just stop making shit dreams only focus on the deep understanding. 

Now may be u can get more than that one day best of luck have a big bounty day my friends 😊😊😊

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Well, im maybe pessimist, but buying a house from gambling profit seems to be very hard to accomplish, in my opinion gambling could lead you to sell a house or car unfortunately...

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On 27/04/2020 at 17:05, nolep said:

I have very often written about the losses I experienced, so I need to also write about the targets that I really want to achieve. but this seems very difficult because for items like electronics I have managed to buy it, but for the house it is very difficult 😔.

I don't have a house yet and I really want to be able to collect the profits I get to buy a house, I'm really trying to be able to get a profit and buy it right away:).

I will make a logo primedice on the door of the house if this really success 😀

How about you guys, is there anyone who really wants to buy a house like me ?


If you are really lucky, getting huge wins and streaks, buying a house with gambling profits is very very possible.

Also depends on how much you gamble tho.

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