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the arrest of a Chinese man bitcoin scam in Malaysia

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Hello friends, I haven't shared the latest crypto news in a while and today I will share it.
I am very annoyed when I know the title of this news because it is always China as a cheater in crypto and I will say that China is very dangerous.

I myself think things like this should be stopped immediately because the syndicate keeps trying to move to another country while making a profit and deceiving many people and this is one of the things that makes the image of crypto bad to learn because it is labeled as fraud.

How do you respond to this news ?
I am waiting for your response to discuss with each other and the most effective way to stop fraud syndicates in Crypto.

news link https://cointelegraph.com/news/14-chinese-men-arrested-in-malaysia-for-bitcoin-scam

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My friend, you cannot generalize it to an entire country, the scammers are everywhere, and with all nationalities, on the contrary, China has the largest stocks of Bitcoin, which contributes to the spread of this digital currency in the world.

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Posted (edited)

bitcoin and con artists will never stop growing. especially about fraudsters, they will continue to grow one after the other. while china is one of the countries with the largest stock of bitcoin, so, china is also the owner of the biggest fraudster cryptocurrency in the world. these con artists will not be killed, they will remain. all they can do is capture them one by one

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