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What happens after Covid 19 ends ?

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Hello friends, all sports bets are currently stopped and of course this makes all those who bet on sports switch to other games and gambling sites that only rely on betting from sports will be quiet, then I think if there is one match that competes when times like this will certainly occur with a very large amount of bets because everyone has not bet.

and also when the first bet is opened I predict it will definitely be very crowded and there are many who place big bets.

then do you really want to bet on sports ?

give your opinion,

thank you 🙂

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That's interesting but I didn't even thought about it. There are a lot of people that gamble on betting sites and actually I am one of them. The way I see it, many people don't a job where they can get money, so they gamble to save somehow their situation. I am a person that doesn't have a job so I gamble to learn how poker can change the situation and strategy in my personal life. I don't think that I'm ready for it, but I think I don't have any other choice to solve this problem. By the way, I gamble https://professionalrakeback.com/coronavirus/stuck-at-home-bored here and in my opinion, this is what helps when you stuck at home...

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I think that the end/stop of sport bets for a long periode has made a lot of people aware of how many money they lose/lost in that. So when it open/starts again I think that there will be a lot fewer people betting than before Corona, Because they are not as addicted anymore. Maybe the people who bet will be higher than they normally do, because they have saved some money, but the total amount bet I Think will be lower than before Corona

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