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Lost 2FA on new Phone

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so after i logged in with my phone to google 2fa  with same old email  i found nothing and 2fa is  empty   just codes for me ! 
i don''t have access to the old phone i only have access to the email , im sure its the same email i don't know why i can't find my 2fa codes in it .

tired to contact support they can't help because im using only 2fa for security on primedice and no email ..

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There  is no way you can recover 2FA code. its against the rules to save your 2FA code on their server. you know saving personal details its a crime. I Think you don't know how the 2 factor authentication code works. You see they give you a Secret key. Based on this key, the app provides 6 digit number code. SO in future try to save the secret key somewhere safe place. if you somehow lost you mobile, with the secret key you can generate code again. 

I had also similar problem. My phone got stolen, then i did not knew how this 2fa code works. i had to go through lot of troubles to recover my account. (mainly contacting support through email)
Good luck you can recover your account.

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Try to be friendly with the support, give them the information they ask. They can ask for location or a proof that you deposited to your account. did you had any balance? if yes thats sadly.

I lost my 2fa more than 4-5 times since now on stake and pd and each time the team helped me out with it. So don't make a case out of nothing. The team is here for you and for sure they will look into how to solve the problem. 

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