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1000 USDT From EXMO и Roobee

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Hello guys .

Great news guys, another very simple contest from the reliable and old EXMO exchange , last time I won $ 35 there .


My link 





Clean link




From 26 March to 3 2020 2020 roobee and hold it to the end and you can win ,  You need to buy just 5000 coins ,  it will equal something like 200k Satoshi 

TOP-10: 1000 USDT

TOP-50: 700 USDT

TOP-100: 500 USDT

TOP-200: 250 USDT

Between All : 100 USDT


All participants who have purchased more than 5000 ROOBEE are automatically ranked according to the volume of tokens held. On April 4, during a live broadcast, using a random number generator from Google, we will draw prizes.

Important! Details
To participate, you need to buy a minimum of 5000 ROOBEE in the period from 26.03 15: 00 Moscow time to 3.04 23: 59 Moscow time
Entering ROOBEE tokens is not counted, only the purchase
Tokens that you purchased before the contest start are not counted
Tokens that were sold before the end of the contest are also not counted
Thresholds for entering the top are updated daily. We will update these values daily directly here on the page where you are currently located
The tops of participants will be fixed on the day of the end of the competition-April 3 at 23: 00 Moscow time

Good luck ! 

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