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New kind of statistics to replace the now discontinued profit stats

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As the title suggests, there should be some sort of funfact-statistics to replace the profit statistics that are no longer visible upon viewing someones profile. By this, I mean simple, non-revealing facts about your highlights while dicing. Such as; highest number of reds in a row relative to your probability, highest number of greens in a row relative to your probability, if you've ever had a really wild rollercoaster of a dicing session, longest session dicing session you've had, etc you get the gist. Of course, these stats should be optional to view and also some thought put into which ones make it out to live version of primedice as they could violate some peoples' privacy. These kind of stats you have to track manually yourself right now, but if implemented it would make following your "records" much easier.

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yes I think it will be interesting and useful if it is actually implemented.  usually I need to observe directly to find out, or what is easier to do by playing on dicebot.

30 minutes ago, nonce said:

Why profit stats is removed, i really like to see how much peoples make or lose on primedice?

well it is indeed unfortunate, now we need to contact support to find out even though it was easier before.

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