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Trust wallet token (TWT) 100 TWT per referral.

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Hello everyone, so trust wallet recently made a project which is giving you 100 TWT (trust wallet tokens) per referral. TWT can be used later for rewards so the more you earn the highest the reward. If you already have the trust wallet in your mobile, all you have to do is to update the app and then check it's settings for your link.

Reflink: https://share.trustwallet.com/Bs45B5

Clean: https://wallet.crypto.trustapp

*I'd suggest you to use my reflink so we can both get 100 TWT. 

Note: TWT tokens are still experimental and distribution mechanism to be announced soon. This is a utility token and no plans yet to be listed on exchanges. No specific dollar value. Do not spread false information.

-Reflink will not work on devices with Trust already installed on!

-Tokens are distributed at the beginning of each month.

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what ico is still going on, I know this after reading this and really want to follow it, but I really want the distribution to take place immediately because I'm not a person who likes to wait.

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