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Gambling can make you rich and poor

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On 05/04/2022 at 05:29, greatgambit said:

Gambling - it's evil
Evil can give you everything, can take everything
You can talk about it for a long time, but it's pointless)

casino is evil, you're right buddy

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if you play constantly there is no chance it will make you rich.

maybe if you hit a big win and leave then it will make you rich.

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Posted (edited)

I am addicted to gambling and can sit for hours at the slots. Most of the time, I sit through pg soft. I've already raised a lot of money from there. But it's going to be a little more complicated in your situation. One of the most important aspects of helping you fight gambling is not being alone. Gambling creates a sense of profit and reward that motivates people to play more and more to succeed. Some people get lucky, while others lose apartments and cars. The best thing you can do is try to do something else. Find a hobby that you enjoy.

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It is true! You can win in a row, but you never know when fortune will abandon you. When I was playing shots, I was making a lot of money initially, but still, I have lost everything I own, including the money I deposited on my account at the online casino. It is why I decided that I need to learn poker because, in this gambling game, random is not the only thing that affects the game. I found some good online casinos on this site and started to play poker with real people. After one year, I became pretty good at this game.



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