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Inevitably losing in the end

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Hi all!

So I've been a gambler for a long time, about 4 years of my life. I started gambling when I was 18 years of age.

We all come to lots of sites, PD, Stake, maybe even other sites. It is a really fun place to be and we all help each other with strategies that could help us win a little bit.

But when it comes to losing due to bad streaks, martingale or just trying to make a little more so we can withdraw, sometimes it ends up sour. It makes me question why we always come back knowing it can all grow a little toxic in the end for our balances.

Is it our mind set? ... "it's going to hit soon, I can feel it" or "just a little more"...

We all know in the end that we are going to lose eventually whether we like it or not. The word "play smarter" is just used so we know that as soon as we have made that small profit, it's best to withdraw. Or if we are losing, it's best to withdraw. But it's a little harder than it feels, right?

I love the idea that Stake/PD are giving us Emails and stuff about knowing when to stop, taking a break or even self excluding ourselves to avoid temptation. But are these factors going to help? Maybe slightly, it will never overall help an addicted gambler in the end.

This is why I feel that creating our own personal reload would actually help. It won't stop us from depositing again, but it will help us with making our balances last a little longer. Here is an example:

(I deposit 700 XRP this week, I put 700 XRP into my own personal reload. The reload then divides the amount deposited into it by 7. It awards the user 100 XRP daily until the reload is finished.)

Inevitably, we all will lose in the end, no matter our deposits, I get tired of having to keep depositing but I never feel there is any (REAL) help out there at the moment. I don't want to keep depositing large quantities all the time... but right now, that is still happening even for me. 

Can PD/Stake help us in any way to stop the temptation of losing large quantities at a time in the future?


I would like to hear from others about whether PD/Stake should help us all if we request it. I feel that a little more needs to be done so we don't get upset like we always do in the end... This idea might not even happen at all, but it's worth asking everyone if this could potentially help... 




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I’m pretty sure they provide a link at the bottom of the page to help problem gambling but they are in the business of making money off of people who can’t control their impulses and gamble in the first place. Well I believe there is probably a solution that can be implemented into the website, just imagine that if you ran a website and you were making a lot of money off of that website, I would have to imagine that you would be hesitant to ever add a tool that prevented people from making you money. The fact is that if you are too prone to stop yourself from losing big chunks, and believe that you chasing a huge win that statistically won’t come, your probably shouldn’t be depositing funds in the first place. Always deposit what you can afford to lose and nothing more. Think of it as “hey instead of doing spending this money (and not getting it back on a night out or something like that), I’ll instead use that as gambling money” assume both as total losses and if you happen to win some, congratulations. 

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Do you have a daily target? in my opinion 700 xrp is a lot of balance. what if you target 100k sats or around 30 xrp and you stop playing and you are back playing the next day. so you just focus on looking for 30 xrp every day and stop, like I did

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