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hello friends, I would like to invite you to discuss the fixing or cheating that occurs in sports betting. I think this sports bet can be used as a place for some people to set the score of the game by collaborating with a team that is competing.
this case has also been revealed in my country, and it happened in 2010 and if not mistaken it was revealed in 2018. it happens in matches between countries and in final matches.

from that case I think there are a lot of games in sports betting that seem to be set by a number of people, so that those who can't win can win, as has happened in the last few games. the seeded team loses and he already has a relatively small odds and the enemy is a big odds and there I suspect someone set the match.

how about you do you ever guess, there is a match fixing in the match that you bet
give your opinion.

let's discuss ...

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I would say matches or games being fixed is very rare just because of the scrutiny and consequential repercussions that would derive from it. If a league lost its fan base because the fans no longer believed in the integrity of the sport they were watching, it would be more money lost in revenue for the future and maybe even the collapsing of the league itself. I’d say if it happens, it would be in the lower level leagues of sports, and again, I think it’s such a rare occurrence that it is will just be disguised as a major upset. It certainly hasn’t made me refrain from betting on sports and it won’t in the future either.

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