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Did you managed to complete the challenge every week?

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last year I managed to manage so that I could always follow the weekly challenges. but entering 2020 I feel a little bored. Maybe because I had not followed him several times so that until now I was lazy to do it again

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On 07/02/2020 at 11:14, Jelanstream said:

Hello Again Primedice Forum Community
I just want to know guys that did you manage the challenge every week even it's very hard or you are a busy. For me I didn't manage 
to complete it every week cause sometime's I didn't participate challenge if it is very hard and it will can make me bust cause I only had 
a small amount everytime. But I've try it in a few rolls. Also this week challenge is hard to and I think I can't complete it.
How about you guys did you managed to complete the challenge weekly?

i always forgot to join challenge, maybe its time for me to start trying/joining chalenges. and sometimes if i check forum, it always happens that challenge are tough for me. well there's no harm in trying, so its time to try one.😜

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for me i didn't manage all the challenge in every weeks since its really hard tho and i have very low balance, well i prefer to see first if its possible then i am going to try to complete the challenge

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