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My precious increase on win and increase on lose Strategy

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Hi!. I have been dicing for more than half a year and this strategy is my favorite. Its risky but its worth it. I have use it to several online dices and it is working really well for me.

Note that this strategy requires attention because you'll have an increase on win and on lose. Also, this strategy requires a huge bank roll in case the dice went so deep. It is very important that you know how much will be your base bet.  In my strategy base bet is the key.

So here how it works...

(1) Set your base bet according to your bank roll.

Your bank roll and base bet play a very important roll in this strategy. Here's how I set my base bet according to my bank roll. First, I will check the frequency of reds in the multiplier that I want to play (the Ideal multiplier for me is 3x). Next is I do the maths. Say, If this is my base bet, can it endure 10 reds in a row? If is YES go for it if NO then decrease it.  The formula is:

Initial Bet:  BaseBet 

Red 1:  BaseBet + Basebet*IncreasePercentageIfYouLose = NextRollAmount1

Red 2: NextRollAmount1 + NextRollAmount1*IncreasePercentageIfYouLose =NextRollAmount2                           (and so on or you can you the dice calculator)

Note: You have to add all your bets to see if your balance can endure the bloody red streak.


(2) Setting Up the conditions

What I mean by setting up conditions is the percentage you will increase the bet when you win or when you lose. When setting up conditions you must know and consider the pay amount and your balance. Of course you don't want to lose so, set an increase that will make you profit when you hit green after a red.

I know you are thinking that the strategy I am sharing is Martingale. Yes, it is but I modified it. To suit my character and play style.

The most common martingale strategy is you double the bet amount every time you lose but in this modifies version of mine, there is also increase on win which make the bet to not reset every time you win. The increase is your discretion since having green streak is what you want in this strategy


(3) When to Stop the dice?

Stop when your are on Green Streak or Add Stop on a certain profit. Timing is really important because after green streaks your bet amount is higher than your live stat profit.




a) Its easy to win big.

b) the strategy will reduce the time you spend in playing


a) if you failed to stop at the right time. Sorry your balance is done.

b) its so risky that even I lose more than I win


Play smart. Strategy and Techniques are just few ways to reduce the odds of losing, Its still you who control the game.




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3 minutes ago, Jelanstream said:

Thanks for this strategy mate I will try this soon If it works of course I will share you some of my win. 

Sharing is not necessary mate. Also I can't guarantee that my strategy will work on you as well. Try is with doge coin.

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