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I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck

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Hopefully you haven’t re-deposited your winnings. A paycheck worth of winnings is a lot of money that I hope went to some good causes to help your every day expenses and needs. So many times it occurs that a gambler decides to think that whatever they have won is not enough, so they end up going for more and end up losing all that they had won. Greed is a nasty little monster but if you are able to overcome that tempting desire, you will have won, not only once, but also a second time.

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On 10/01/2020 at 21:22, policewale said:

This is the story when I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck.

It was a cold night but I feel so light and good. So, I deposit 20 xrp and told myself I will just play to entertain myself.
Time passes by I realized that my 20 XRP for entertainment turns to be 100 XRP. Cool! I withdraw half of it and played again.

"Alright dice time for some revenge". My 50 XRP became 200 then 500 to 1000 to 1300. Of course, I am self-proclaimed coward so I withdraw everything.

The experience was a mixture of fear and excitement. My hands are trembling on  each roll. I even heard my own heart beating. Every bet is scary and I am sweating.

I know 1300 XRP is not that big but hell yeah it changed my game style. It changed my way of thinking. I became hungry. I feel like I will never be contented on small profit.
Before I was too cautious. Small profit satisfies my hunger. Even if that win was big (when exchanged to our country), I regret that day.


A gambler always think positive. If you already reached 1300 profit then you know you can make it more. Sometimes it's worth sometimes not. It only depends on your luck and focus.

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