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Ripple opens 1 billion tokens from an escrow wallet

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he latest news related to ripples, I myself know about this transaction because I opened the notification from the telegram channel whale warning. The main reason the developer issued this was because it would make the price ripple stable.
but I think this could be the reason because when there are enough ripples on the market, this can make it lose buyers because price movements are getting harder and harder. we can see now the price is constantly the same, after this there is a possibility that the ripple can go down to the latest point.


what do you think about this, really this makes it very difficult to return to the price of $ 1 as before.

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On 1/2/2020 at 3:18 AM, williamsh said:

I think that ripple would be much more of a versatile coin if the price was stable. Since transactions are instant, having a stable price would let more people use it.

if the price is stable, of course there will be many people who use it, but if the price is like now which tends to go down, of course, it will make it lose interest. I use ripple because of gambling, in the past I still remember the initial price could be more than $ 1 but now it is difficult to get back at that price.

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As for me, I am storing the Ripple coin because I think it will have a great future and a high price even though the price is very low now.

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