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Cricket Betting Tips

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I'm a fan of cricket and I think it's pretty easy to win a bet in game which you like and follow so here I'm sharing my tips regrading betting on cricket.

- Betting on your Favourite
I think betting on your favorite team usually results in Profit rather than losses.
Because the games involving favourite results in better prediction of outcome as you tend to know more about your favorite team and their recent performance.Also individual performance of players can play big role in result of a cricket game.Only a performance of batsman and bowler can carry win for their respective team in cricket.
So betting on your favorite team means you know how certain player are performing and will they able to carry their form in next game or not.

-Betting on certain teams
Also it's best to always bet on certain games like India playing in their home ground and Australia in their home ground too.
Both teams tend to play very good on their home ground and mostly they won all their games at home.
Asian team's aside from India rarely win in Australian conditions and it's always profitable to bet on these matches.
Also any team which is rank below 5-6 usually tend to lose their matches against these respective countries in their home ground.
-Other things to consider

Pitch  and Conditions :,

1 - If the pitch looks green it will likely assist the seam bowlers and make batting hard work.So bet on team with strong pace attack.

2 - If the pitch looks bare and yellow or white in colour then he should expect easy batting conditions. So bet on team with stronger batting line up.

3 – If the pitch is already cracked, batting is likely to be difficult as the game goes on as these cracks will open up, offering help to spinners. So in this case teams having spinners gets upper hand.

Other things which can assist and you should look before betting are Research ground conditions and ground History, impact of The Toss on game and like any other game, Team &and Player Form.
Also I would say in end that apart from this you also need to learn to manage your bankroll like in other game. Cause sometimes you feel in cricket that certain team is going to win surely and bet all your bankroll on it but  remember upsets also quite frequently happen in cricket.
So place bets carefully.

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Thank you for such usefull tips, i might even start playing Cricket at Stake using such informational guide :P

I wonder if i get some profit and i will be feedbacking here if i find something even more spicy as a tip.

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