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The Ethereum price for the new year

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Hello, we all know that the ethereum price took a blow a while ago, the new year is coming so i wanted to know, what are your opinion in the future of ethereum for 2020?


Based on the ethereum golden road of 2019 we know the most likely scenario is a raise. How much is the question. Ethereum is a crypto that is nice because of how cheap the fees are, the transactions are fast too, and i would say is the ''second'' option for many. I personally like the coin but is hard to think that the price is going to jump a good chunk. The reason is, while Bitcoin is the leader and all the alts are like his followers (outside some who are pretty separated of this trend) ethereum falls in the same category. I cant see for example Ethereum jumping the 300 $ per coin treshold for more than 1 time next year. 


What is your opinion about it?


Also, lets talk a bit about a medium size timeline case. From now to 5 years how big ethereum will be? i think is safe to say that ethereum all things considered is a stable coin. It suffers for the same disease as others, but is still nice to use, which make me positive about the future. 


I would like to see someone more well versed in the cryptoworld, specially in the more used coins like ethereum to share his insight. Also i would like to know the reasons in order to ''invest'' deeply in the coin as from now on. Im pretty sure all of these who invested very early are now kinda rich but what about the rest? is there more to be made?

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A large part of the investors of ether come from those who took part in their ICO a long time back and raised the funds. They are considered to be holding it and not dumping it but you cant be too sure. Then the price pump happened because of the ICO buzz back in 2017 and ether reached 1k USD. But now since the ICO craze died down due to a lot of reasons ether slouched back to 2digit values now around 160$ only.

I cant say that I am happy about it but I do hope it will rise in future, wont suggest anybody to invest in it though at this time. Though if you hold any keep holding it for now unless you are above your buying price in the respective currency.

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