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Choose A Charity Poll #18

Choose A Charity Poll #18  

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  1. 1. Vote for the Charity you want to receive a $1,000 donation..

    • The Water Project
    • Watsi
    • Unicef
    • Cool Earth

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  • Poll closed on 04/01/20 at 12:59

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Hey everyone!

Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want to see receive a $1,000 donation!

  • The Water Project: Providing reliable water projects to give sub-saharan Africa access to clean water and proper sanitation.
  • Watsi: Providing free healthcare and medical assistance to people all around the world, ensuring even those who can't afford it get looked after.
  • Unicef: Helping children in need by providing life saving care, support and protection, water, food, healthcare, and education.
  • Cool Earth: Preventing deforestation and degradation in rainforests around the world.

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