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Newly Gambling Site

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Hello guys..

Just wanna introduce to you this newly gambling sites that i have its a 2 weeks old site i think with 1% house of edge.

Clean link: https://www.gigabet.com

Affliate link: https://www.gigabet.com/r/meiisxxh0018


It also have many Currencies there with low minimum bet amount and with the chances of 98% to 0.01% | 1.01x to 9900x

Bitcoin (BTC) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Ethereum (ETH) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Litecoin (LTC) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Bitcoin SV (BSV) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Ripple (XRP) with minimum bet of 0.00000010
Dogecoin (DOGE) with minimum bet of 0.00000050
Dash (DASH) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Zcash (ZEC) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Ether Classic (ETC) with minimum bet of 0.00000001
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) with minimum bet of 0.00000001

and for the unique currencies of this site is the

GIGACOIN, you can get it that coin thru faucet of the site and you can buy it in there store with the following items.

And a side from autoroll this that has the LIGHTNING BET!!!


chest keys.png



High Tech.png


lightning bet.png

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