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Bet speed roller/slider

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Hi players,


I see more and more sites with betting speed options/control. And would love to see it on PD!


Also, it happened again recently, the "stop on profit", delayed "+1x bet"-skip (or what to call it) but with small numbers I don't go to support for it..

If you don't understand what I mean; -if  you set "stop on profit" on a certain amount, and you roll it will exceeded with one extra "delayed" bet or w/e, in the "Automated Betting" tab/meny/option.. But usually manual it with greater number because I still don't trust it with my life.


Well, that's anyway what I wish to see in the near future. Great speed! THANKS Eddie ❤️

& Marry X-mas everyone! 

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Great idea but they will not add this anytime soon.  All you need to do is look at how they handle any discussion on why autoroll increases in speed when the red train starts beating you down.  They pass it off as a normal thing knowing damn well its a shady behaviour to speed it up well the person is losing. You click auto roll for a pace and they alter it on you. So thats that in my opinion. 

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yes this is a good idea indeed. I think there should be a feature for people to upvote or sign a makeshift forum petition to show that they are in favor of a suggestion given or something, that could be an interesting tool..

(hint: to improve speed you can turn on the hotkeys and hold spacebar down)

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