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Kindly Leave an Honest Review for Primedice

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16 hours ago, Edward said:

Trustpilot is currently a fairly big market driver and respected review website. 

It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest & legitimate reviews for us. If you do wish to help, make sure your review is 2 - 3 sentences long.

You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Primedice deserves. If you have any negative feedback, that's cool as well. We'll happily take on any constructive criticism. 


Thanks in advance! 

P.S. make sure you leave your Trustpilot & Primedice username in this thread after leaving the review ✌️😉

Hi Eddie !   

I did a review in the site for you. 

username is Paecga129 

and you know my name on there as i would rather not post here.   Thanks ! 

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Modbot harassed me into leaving a comment and I am here because it was pesky.


Primedice and Trustpilot sames: Huggies


Off to review some porn sites now.

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