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Sooooo... some people think, the community runs out of Ideas.. well, lets find out I guess? Show me the best usage of your words and ideas combined and create relevant topics across the forum. Lets prove them otherwise ;D!


  • Create a topic and make the discussion going with meaningful content in the following sections:

    Primedice Suggestions & Criticism, General (with subforums), Controversial (with subforums), Business, Finance, and Investing, Health and fitness, Общий раздел (with subforums),  Diskusi Umum, Português (Portuguese), Español, Filipino

  • Opening post must contain 250 words
  • Topic must be linked in this promotion
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • If you created a better topic, edit your existing entry.
  • Topics must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
  • 10+ forum post count.
  • Giveaway ends on 11.17.2019
  • Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!


1st place: 0.0004 BTC

2nd place: 0.0003 BTC

3rd place: 0.0002 BTC

4. - 10 place: 0.0001 BTC


Note: In case of a tie (two or more players having the same amount of comments), we will rank based on:

Time of the final posting, and if further needed, 

Time of the topic. 

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Just now, CaptainLorca said:

Jesus christ, will you people finally learn to read the topic?

My sentiments exactly... 😶

It’s borderline suspicious though, since the event notifications in Telegram are clearly different from the usual “Raffle” format. 

I mean, anyone with at least half an eye and the awareness of a Goldfish would still know it’s a different topic, right? 

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