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LuckyFish.io is an exciting cryptocurrency gambling game.

Sign up for a free BTC reward.LuckyFish.io - 
REF - https://luckyfish.io/?c=play

LIN -  https://luckyfish.io


A new and interesting TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER game is now online. If you play this game, you will receive a membership commission that belongs to you.

LuckyFish.io offers the most advanced alliance system. You will always receive a commission for each user you recommend! For each of their bets, you will get a percentage that is returned to you. The commission formula is a qualifying bet amount* 1%* 15%. If you think you can be a big league owner, then you can negotiate with our administrators and get up to 70% commission!

With beautiful design and perfect performance, LuckyFish offers a superior gaming experience with reliability as the highest priority.

Currently you can choose BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, DOGE, XLM, DASH, ZEC. We will also consider adding new cryptocurrencies based on your feedback.


Registration - One-click registration
Fair - Is this a scam? You can verify your bet
Multiplayer - Play with players around the world
Support - Our supporters are happy to help you with live chat directly from the website!
Chat - Chat with players around the world
Message - Chat only with your friends to stop spam messages
Rainbot - Automate CloudyBot, use coins to cheer for our talkative friends
Instant deposit
Quick withdrawals - Super simple and secure withdrawal program with just a few clicks.
Minimum house edge - only 1%, means 99% of the bet amount is at your disposal.
Affiliate Program - Alliance Master can get up to 70% commission!

LuckyFish Five - minutes Match: The top three players in each round will divide the funds of this round prize pool! (Please refer to the competition rules for details)

Thank you, waiting for your feedback and joining!



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