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Suggestion on boosting forum activity

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To boost forum activity, I think we need more contests apart from wagering and roll hunting ones. 

I mean, poetry, art, photo contests and such.

The most upvoted entry wins. Only, I think, to avoid abusing, an upvote from a member with reputation 200 should be 100 times more valuable than that from a member with reputation 2. 

I posted this suggestion earlier in a reply to a post, and was told by mods to post it here. 

I was also told by CaptainLorca that "In a case of a Voting Contest, there shouldn‘t be a difference in Reputation here."

Well, maybe considering a vote from a member with 100 times higher reputation as "100 times more valuable" is too much, I agree, but at least some difference should in my opinion.

What do you guys think? 

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Lot of issues that stem or break from why you do not want to incentivize the forum too much.

One being that English is a second language for a lot of folks here and they will either pass or make attempts that will read as spam, in an attempt to take part.  It will cause friction and limit the enjoyment of actually fostering a community.

Second would be a forum built on tip/rain/contests will bleed out and those that are playing and bringing in the money for Primedice are more leaning towards silent play and not getting to involved. Reason being they are attacked once exposed by multiple accounts that are looking for a hand out. So it feeds into the first point that you would be attracting that same element. It would drive away established people because they would feel like their posts are a waste of time or not being read.

Voting also turns into a you scratch my back affair and you start seeing fake friendships because the person wants to have that person in pocket for the next contest.  Watch chat and you will see how fake people can be and how sour they are when the rain/tip misses them.

Think you really only attract people to the forum through building creditable content.


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