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Do You Make Music?

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Hello PDicers, i'm just curious if we have in our community some musicians who like producing music, regardless the style, it could be r'n'b , hip hop, electronic music, whatever! 

I used to produce electronic music using some softwares like FL Studio , Reason, Ableton Live, it was a melt between House Music , R'n'B, Drum'n Bass and some other influences.

what kind of music do you make and what instrument , machine or software do you use?

Below, you can see what i used to make music, which i do for fun, and i love that! 



Fruity Loops Studio



Ableton Live


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That's a nice way to kill time, if not a great career to pursue if you push it eagerly. I don't do music, but I love cross-stitching and knitting. I would love to hear the beats you created though. Any streaming links? Have you uploaded it yet? 

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oh flstudio, i used it a lot in the past , i could make good beats with it, i dont consider myself as a musicien, i used to it just for fun, i bought the paid version of flstudio, and it was amazing, and ofcourse i couldnt find the time to use all the tools, there are many many amazing tools. i wish i still had my old laptop to share some of my old beats with you :)

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