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Did anyone still not claim his free EOS? 10$

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I still have 3 more referral slots for the 10$ EOS for free on coinbase.

If u are interested and didnt get it so far, do it - its free!  :D

https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/ztphwk6s  -  REFLINK

https://coinbase.com/earn/eos    -   NONREFLINK

You can claim up to 50$ in total. 10$ for a few videos and 40$ for 4 invited referrals in total. :)

i would really appreciate it if someone uses my link to get his free stuff. :)


also there are a few more free cryptos to claim :) like BAT and XLM

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As funny fact i registered on coinbase but not for looking or being interested about the free eos. Coinbase  is a very bad service with extremly ugly customer service, i do not recomment it. And doing kyc just for a couple of bucks!? is it really worth it!? and another point they are not giving a specific ammount of eos, they are giving what is worth now 10$ and again they might just decline you. 


running for these giveaways won't make you rich

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14 hours ago, DinoEcstazy001 said:

Thats good if you have 18+ years because you need to verify your account with documents (driver license etc.)

Hold on, even on pd should be a rule with 18+. TBH i tried to register to do get this small giveaway but i didnt get it lol

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