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Introducing PiCoin - early mining!

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Hello everyone!

Looks like there is great new opportunity in crypto world! Have you ever dreamt about being early BTC miner? Back in 2011, when BTC was worth less than a cent and one could mine dozens of BTC on their home PC? If we did it back then, today we'd be millionaires.

There is new project, that can make it happen - PiCoin.

Project is on very early stage and it means we can really contribute to it and be a part of something that may become very big. I encourage you to visit site: minepi.com and read details about this new exciting coin.

Pi can be mined on your phone! I'm mining right now and I can confirm it does not drain your battery nor slows down your device. You just download the app and after that all you have to do is log in once a day to confirm you're not a bot. And see your Pi balance is growing!

I wanna be clear about it - Pi is not listed on exchanges yet, so it means it has no value. As for today, you can not exchange it to any other crypto or fiat currency. But you shouldn't be looking at it as "faucet" or free money. This is investment. We can make it big! The more members pi network gonna have, the more stable and secure picoin will become. And the higher its future value will be!

As for now, project is on stage 1 - going market is stage 3 and it's scheduled on first quater of 2020. That means we have no more than 5-6 months to take advantage of early mining and spread the word about the project.

Let me give you some example about how much you can profit of PiCoin.

Assuming you start mining today at standard rate you will be able to mine about 14 picoins per day. If you invite another members and create your earning teams, total bonus to mining can give you 10x that value or even more, and that means up to 150 picoins per day! But let's stay with basic value. In 6 month before PiCoin hits the market you will be able to mine around 2500 PiCoins (14*180) or up to 25k PiCoins if you created a good earning team. If Pi will be valued 1 dollar only, it means in 6 months you gonna have 2500$ or maybe even up to 25000$!

And what if it hits 10 dollars? Or 100? Remember, BTC was worth less than a cent when it first appeared!

I strongly recommend you to visit project site - minepi.com. Read FAQ and White Paper sections for full details about the project, about its protocol, technical details and people (scientists from Stanford University!) behind PiCoin. It seems very promising at the moment!

So far we're reaching 500k members. You can be the next member and you can start investing in your future today! Please, you can use my refferal link to sign up - minepi.com/Cybermonk


Sounds good? Are you interested and wanna start mining? Here is what to do:


All you have to do is go to play store and downlad application for mining PiCoins. Just type "pi coin" in search bar. It's also linked on project website. Let me stress this once again - using this app doesn't affect your phone in any way. It doesn't drain your battery, doesn't slow down your device and you won't even notice it's there. Except it will make your PiCoin balance growing huge!

When you register you need to enter username of a member who recommended you the project. It's very important that it's based on real people, not bots. Thanks to that we will be able to make PiCoin strong cryptocurrency! That's why I ask you to enter my username: Cybermonk as a person that invited you. This will give mining bonuses to both of us!

Once you register, mining starts automatically and you don't have to do anything more except opening app once a day to confirm you're not a bot. You don't have to do anything - but you can! You can spread word about PiCoin, you can build up your earning team, invite new members and explain to them how things work in PiCoin project.


I wanna be honest with you - it is unclear at the moment, if PiCoin gonna have significant value. It's too early to say. But it's just like with Bitcoin back around 2011. We are creating it now! It depends on us if Pi gonna make an impact on crypto markets. We can make it big, we can make it valuable by making it popular and by taking care of the network (like not allowing bots to take over). And one day who knows - maybe we're gonna be rich? :)


Don't miss your chance!



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