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Does Reload go up when crypto goes down?

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Yesterday evening, btc just went down like 1500$ and other crypto too.

So if btc keeps going down, to like 1000$ or something, does that increase booster amount in satoshi?

so if you had 10k and bitcoin price went from 10000$ to 1000$  it will be 100k sats? if so,  if you have a booster and arent holding crypto, thats probably a good thing then.

and if you get a big btc win, keep it, and bitcoin goes back up,

and you will have  had  like 100k booster at 10000$ if  it goes back up later. 

i heard biggest faucet like few hundred k sats, so if btc goes down, it will be like 0.05btc?  he could claim like a bitcoin+ in a week then. and then it goes up and puff.  lol that would be crazy.

but thats if, if if :D we will see.

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I don’t think that the boost is in correlation to the value of a crypto currency. Like challenge rewards, each challenge has the same BTC value each week, unless they decide to decrease the value like what they did this week. Apart from this week though, each challenge was 0.01 BTC and did not adjust to the price of BTC.

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