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Why Btc is Dropping?

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hello my friends , 

As i write this topic btc is dropping , i think it went from 10k usd to 8k usd , almost 2k usd down! 

What is happening with Bitcoin? Is there some reasons for this drop which is pretty worrying, do you think this is due to a manipulation coming from big groups of pump and dump. 

I'm asking you because i don't have any idea since i'm not checking news lately so maybe you are more up to date than me.  

Let us know what is happening and write in your comments your thoughts about it,  your predictions , theories , anything could be good to know. 


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23 minutes ago, Dboyeric said:

Inrrad somewhere bitcoin is dropping because of bakkt, bakkt has activated a massive selloff of Bitcoin and looking at  the way the event is unfolding, bitcoin is likely to drop more in value

i think this is the real reason for the drop  . i heard recent speculation and news about this bakkt thingy , some says people sold too early because they predicted that the price will fall while others are speculating that bakkt can give massive boost on the price  ( which isnt the case that happen )  .

i think one of them is lying but its also early to make a conclusion now ,  why cant we just calm down for a while and wait for a day or two  and see if btc price can recover and pumped up  .

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This is a great question. Let's think about the following, many have said that bitcoin will die! I don't believe it, because from what I have noticed machines and machines and more bitcoin machines and ATMs are spreading all over the world!

So how will the world government that is setting up with the New (Old) World Order end bitcoin if they themselves are spreading electronic machines in supermarkets, malls, banks and everywhere?

Well, if the answer is, if they are spreading the machines and indeed they are, then the question of annihilating bitcoin is not true, it is just a rumor or false news to mask bitcoin.

Second, if prices are going down, then it's gone down before, and each time it goes down, it makes it more popular, and more and more people are buying. And suddenly it rises again.

I sincerely think that it will continue to act in parallel with some new or existing currency according to world bank standards to pool a single current financial system in place to eliminate paper money.

If bitcoin is indeed to be the central currency of this blockchain backbone and world government, we will soon know, because all the things of the world government are going hand in hand with this financial matter, by the way, as I said, anyone who You know that, you know what you are really approaching and what it will all be about. The time for paper money is coming out of the picture and into the general public this system that we are seeing here in the casino and all over the web!

So the rise goes down just seems like a game and speculation expecting a crisis factor just as it has happened before to actually make this virtual monetary system the ultimate system.

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There are many reasons. The first of these is the holidays. Catholic New Year, New Year, Chinese New Year. By the way, not everyone thinks that halving is good and there is an opinion, then before the having will come - many miners will sell their assets

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