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near the end of the year and the value of bitcoin

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lately the issues surrounding the ups and downs of bitcoin prices are often discussed in various media as well as in various news about cryptocurrency trading ...

many of the experts and researchers about the king of all cryptocurrency will rise rapidly toward the end of 2019 ... some say that the heart of bitcoin will plummet and fall towards the end of 2019, but not a few also judge that the price of bitcoin will be shot up to the month and ends on halving days ..
I myself am a little confused about the value of bitcoin towards the end of this year, because in terms of global marketing, it is estimated that 60% of shareholders actually sell their competitiveness in cryptocurrency, but the other 40% actually maintain their assets, because they believe that bitcoin will rise to touch the highest amount. at the end of this year ...

what do you think pseudo, friend ??? ... do you think this is the right time to sell our assets in the cryptocurrency world ?? and started saving in early 2020 and spurred the numbers to approach halvingdays ... or just the opposite ... saving starts now while waiting for the price of bitcoin to skyrocket as cryptocurrency experts predict that the bitcoin exchange rate will surge as high as possible at the end of this year or on halvingdays ...

share your thoughts so that all gamblers know what will happen to the bitcoin exchange rate in the seconds towards the end of this year ...

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