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Issues with support staff?

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Has anyone had any? Because from where i gamble they be actively kicking ass without the need to take names. But they do take those names. And categorize like a library would  information is readily available. I mean without naming names...Ive seen them protect accounts beyond adequately, actively clean the forum by ending needless threads (so much so maybe ill start searching before blindly posting) they answer any questions without annoyance or frustration and they make interaction nearly as fun as the gamble of winning. I'm not sure if i come here to win or come here to lose so i ave a raisin to seek support.

Your support makes me wanna be a better man. And if i ever had to take my gay neighbor from across the hall on a road trip i would want to bring your support with me.

Without the support of primedices support staff asking questions and making sense of all these post that say the same thing with different headlines would be torture!

Maybe you dont feel the same. Maybe you need to see a feeling specialist and get that checked out. 


Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
Togetherness support is all I'm after
Whenever you need me I'll be there

I'll be there to protect you
With unselfish questions that respects you
Just call my name I'll be there

I'll be there to comfort you
Build my primedice around you
I'm so glad that I found you.

I'll be there with a laugh that's strong
I'll be your strength
I'll keep holdin' on



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Just seeing this one now, Hudost :D 

Thank you, and I think I speak in the name of the team when I say this! A lovely poem and even more amazing feedback ;) 

We will keep on being even better! 🍀

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