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[ANN] Trader Cash (TRC) - An Advanced Way to Learn (official release)

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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm developing an indie production game about cryptocurrency education.
The beginning of the development was to see that many other sites are using a game to educate their members through quality and fun, an example is the [url=http://babbel.com]babbel.com[/url]
with this if I start the project, this project is already a few years old because its production is indie and 95% I am doing it, because I find that many times teenagers lose hours playing games to level up their character I added a system level to site:

Member Level:

Then also due to seeing which members like to interact through ranking with other users, I added a points system, ie every action made within the site gives its members points, examples of actions:

-introduce yourself in the forum
-welcome - forum
-post new topics reply to topic - forum
-forum posts
-create an article
-receive tanned in your article
-invite friends
-create cryptomedas news
-receive tanned in your news
-participate in contests

Ranking Trader Cash

These actions are sent to a ranking where members can compare with other members within the site:



Educational Video Trader Cash:

Then to bring more content, I produced videos manually on each subject to get started in this branch:


Level 2 - How does the cryptocurrency trader work?
Level 4 - Buying bitcoin to start the cryptocurrency trader
Level 6 - Sending bitcoin to exchange and starting the cryptocurrency trader
Level 8 - At what exchange should I trade my cryptocurrencies?
Level 10 - Modalities of Cryptocurrency Trading
Level 12 - Banking Management in the Cryptocurrency Market
Level 14 - Capital Control Using Stop Limit in Cryptocurrency Exchange
Level 16 - Capital control in the bitcoin, usdt cryptocurrency market
Level 18 - Bitcoin Influence on Other Cryptocurrencies
Level 20 - Simple Tips to Get Started with the Cryptocurrency Trader
Level 22 - How to Analyze and Increase Earnings Rates

All of these videos have been produced by me, but in order for the member to watch them, they need to have a certain level, determining which level is best for them to watch at that time.

Reporters Trader Cash:

To make it even more complete, I developed a mechanism where you can check where the point you received from within the platform came from, so it was necessary to create an area about reports:



News Trader Cash

so that members can interact more within the site, an area has been developed where he can create news about cryptocurrencies, ie news he is interested in he can share with his friends through the site, and he creating this news he gets points that are also added to your ranking.



Articles Trader Cash

so that it also has content, and specific articles about cryptocurrencies, it was also developed an area for articles:



Analysis Trader Cash

We often seek from members to know about analysis of a particular cryptocurrency, so a specific area was also developed on the site:
In this analysis he has a like system, because if your analysis has been approved by other members of the site, you get points for its quality, and those points will lead you up the rankings.



Ranking Trader Cash

in the ranking session I tried to make it well organized so that I have each member record, that is, I wanted everything the member has already done on the site to be very well recorded, so this session counts, with the general ranking of everything the member has done on the site, also has a monthly ranking that records everything the member did only that month, in addition to the team that had the most points.



Team Trader cash

looking to make things more fun I developed a team session, ie you can create a team and invite your friends to chat, these teams also participate in a ranking, ie the team gets a total score from all members participating in it, the team that has the most members with points limit of 20 members is in the first positions:




On every page of the site I added the translation option, so to improve understanding you can select your language:

Trader Cash Token Awards:
In addition, a low-supply Erc20 token was developed to award the most participatory members of the site:




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Hello everyone, everything good? some new designer and ideas of evolution within the game. [url=https://tradercash.org]Trader Cash[/url] evolu-o.jpg

With the image of a real processor, we based on what we could bring to the game.

In 1st level, where it will cost a low value in "DOTS" we have a very simple processor, with the idea of making the member look for improvements, the final would lose all the fun if it started with "TOP", so we could not identify those who bring more content and quality to the site https://tradercash.org, as well as involvement and knowledge about cryptocurrencies.


The first part we will call "H-502 BASIC" [/ b] I searched for some parts, and computer parts usually bear that name. this first piece will produce "2 Coins Points" in a time of "10 seconds" you will be able to collect these "Coins Points" and these "Coins Points" will be sent to a ranking where you will be able to track your qualification.



2nd level  we have some improved aspects, and your production of "Coins Points" also improved. The 2nd piece we will call "H-402 PLUS" The"H-402 PLUS" will be a piece that will produce "3000 Coins Points" in 9 seconds.





at 3rd level, even more piece quality and even more "Coins Points" production to be among the best in the rankings. The 3rd piece we will call "H-302 ULTRA" The "H-302 PLUS" will be a piece that will produce "7000 Coins Points" in 8 seconds.





4th level , l has even more detail in the designer and his even more advanced production in "Coins Points" the 4th piece, let's call it "H-202 PRO" [/ b] The "H-202 PRO" will be a piece that will produce "10000 Coins Points" in 7 seconds.



At 5th level, we have a lot more quality in the designer and a lot of production of "Coins Points" here will be the best so far, and we will hardly see new members. The "H-102 CARBON" will be a piece that will produce "24000 Coins Points" in 6 seconds.




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