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What wallet do you use to store your coins?

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20 hours ago, JstLikeMagyk said:

which of these wallets you guys are mentioning allow for the user to set the fees ? I'd like to know a few more in case I stop liking electrum at some point.

I also use BitPay wallet sometimes, as I have a debit card that's connected to it so I can load it with crypto.  They only support BTC and BCH right now, but you can set the fees with either of the 2 they support.

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I use Coinbase and Blockchain. Of these two I found Coinbase be more convenient and fast. Have had no problem with both of these sending money to Stake or PD.

By the way, the Vault of Stake and PD is another wallet, why not?

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On 01/08/2019 at 14:27, AHCareP said:

I remember when the first year on PD I used only Blockchain, but then from all this nonsense with ID and confirmation I began to use exchangers, and immediately transferred them to my wallet.
And when I used Blockchain from it, I transferred cryptocurrencies to Exmo and from it already to wallets, a card, etc.
In general, if you store a crypt, then you can save it on the PD bank.😁

why didn't I think of that before ...
true you said, I will keep my coins in a primedice bank .. it looks like it's safer before I exchange it for real money ..
I am 100% sure to primedice .. well .. I admit it truly ...

Thank you, friend ... for reminding me of things that were forgotten ... :)

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Mainly I use Coinomi, a mobile app wallet. But I'm on coinbase also, which I can use both on mobile and PC. My goal is to get a hard wallet like Ledger and Trezor later.

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