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Metro: Exodus

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I will not talk for a long time about the game and the scandal with the Steam and the epic games store and the negative about all that the game really does not have the subway and the voice acting is not staying.
I am a man from the CIS, and I liked the game very much, but I noticed that the game was created mainly for a western audience. Why did I decide that ?!
Here are my personal observations:
1) The game became dynamic as in action movies, do not get it wrong, the early Metro game: lasr light also had some kind of action, but in Exodus you can see that they went to your slant
2) Ridiculous moments like jumping into a train or hijacking a car with a chase like Mad Max.

Maybe there is more, but these are the ones that I myself noticed during the passage, and do not think that I am aggressive in your direction, I went through the game 2 times for hardcore and 1 time the hardcore-ranger and I will say that the game has been simplified, and more dynamic in a compartment with stealth and the mechanics of the game is not very suitable for the game. But I still want to know your opinion about the game?

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