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How Primedice Rainbot Choose?

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Depending on your chat message by that time I guess and the amount you wagered during that time. It chooses whose really deserving to be rained. I always get rains from the rainbot and I feel it is because I wager while chatting. Do it as well, maybe you can get something from the bot too. But eddie have an explanation of the matrix how is the bot working but he won't tell us because it can be exploited.

On 31/07/2019 at 13:14, davincuy said:

i am not sure about this, i had an experienced like you that when i didnt wagered at all and only doing chat on room, i got some rain. 

i remembered that Supports told us to get rain we must do wagered and chat. but why i received the rain when i only doing chat in the room?

Yes, I also experienced what you just experienced. It is maybe because the people who wager dont participate in chat because they are gambling, and maybe rainbot priorities those in chat, contributing well. But I recommend you to wager and chat to get some rains. From rainbot and users.


On 03/08/2019 at 03:21, MrNice23 said:

In order to catch rains from Rainbot you need to wager and be active in chat . However rains are random youj can't catch them all even if you are meeting the requirements to be rained.  

Note: If you hide your bets , you won't receive rains.

Wow didn't know about that! Thanks for your information, maybe this will give us more chance because not all of us know this. The more hidden the more chance we get rains 😂 

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how does the bot take into account giving tips to users who bet at the time with more than 500 people?
I think the system has been set by primedice programmers ...
then, in my opinion, the tip given by the bot also affects someone's wager, usually with the largest number of wagered, it must be included in the tip category of the bot ... there is also an active chat room ..

but ... even so ... many who have wagered a lot don't get tips from bots, this is probably because he made a mistake so he was disqualified in a few months to receive tips from bots and this is included in the category of serious violations ... ;)

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As some have mentioned here it is mere speculation. The way rainbot works isn't even known to staff in detail and some of the assumptions I read here are wrong. A good example is spamming chat, which seems to be counterproductive for getting rains from what I saw. Also the algorithm how rainbot decides who to rain seems to be in a state of flux, so ways to cheat it into giving rains that worked yesterday don't necessarily work today. 

Suffice to say: Try to be a nice and valuable member of the community and you will get rain sooner or later. :)

I close the topic since repeating the same things over and over again leads to nothing and also doesn't make some things more right and everything stays a guessing game. Also: don't some secrets make life a bit more interesting ? :P


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