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Good Guest and a Friendly Host (Indo chat)

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This time we will play with the game "Become a good guest and a friendly host" in Indonesian chat room! :)



1) As a guest, of course, you must not be a user from Indonesia

2) As a Host, of course, you are an active user in the Indonesian chat room.


Rules for users who are not from Indonesia (Guests):

1. Visit the Indonesian chat room.
2. Tag the name of someone there using Indonesian and  greet them there (you can use translation).
3. You need to use at least 10 words or more.
4. Take and share the screenshot of your conversation here.

**This only applies to the first 15 user and according to the terms and will get a prize 0.00005.


Rules for Hosts:

1. Say 'Welcome' nicely and answer your guests with their name tags.
2. Your answer must have at least 10 words or more.
3. Take and share screenshot of your conversation here.
4. The first answer that I consider to be the Host opens the Guest door.
5. You can do it more than once but only 2 times maximum.

**As a good host you will also get prize 0.00005 for each guest you answer and it will only applie 2 times maximum per account/user. 


**I will close the Hosted promotion, if we reach the target of 15 users as guests.

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Thank's guys for your participation. I am honored to visit our chat room.
I know this is the beginning, there are some shortcomings and in the future I will fix it.

@Eminx3 I have received your message and entered you in the list:)


I have shared prize: 




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